Sunday, January 13, 2013

Phoenix: The Rising on the Blog Tour Bus!!

Whew!  This blog tour gig is intense! Thought I'd stop by my own blog and let you know what has happened so far...

I started off the tour with a character interview  and giveaway at Bookish Temptations. Saturday I traveled over to My Guilty Obsession and made a guest post. And now, the infamous podcast interview with Girls in the Stacks is here! You can learn all my secrets about Phoenix: The Rising and writing! I'm a bit hard to hear at the beginning, but after I get rid of the jitters, all is okie-dokie!

Oo-oo, you can also listen to it on iTunes, which is pretty cool!

Tomorrow, I'll be moving on to Tales of Books and Bands and share my playlist for Phoenix: The Rising. I hope you all tune in!

Talk to you later!