Saturday, January 5, 2013

EEEK!! Only SIX days until PHOENIX: THE RISING debuts!!

OMG! I can't believe January 11th is coming up so fast! It's like I just breached the summit of a the first hill on a roller coaster and am on the fastest, scariest, most thrilling ride of my life!

Things have really started rolling in my writing world! My blog tour is almost totally booked. I started this morning with a SKYPE interview with Stacy and Shannan from that'll be aired as a podcast shortly after my release. These girls are BESTIES and they totally made me feel welcome. The best part of all? I think they actually like my writing! Girls in the Stacks rock, and I hope I get to work with them in the future!

For other blogs on the tour, including the fabulous Bookish Temptations, My Guilty Obsession, and Tales of Books and Bands (to name a few!) I have been writing guest blogs, playlists, and character profiles. It looks like I'm gonna be one busy girl for a while!