Sunday, June 3, 2012

Whatever Lucy wants...Lucy gets! (or does she??)

Just hit the 61K mark on Phoenix, and I'm so close to the end, I can taste it! Here's my latest snippet. Enjoy!

     Lucy waited several minutes until she heard slow, steady breathing behind her.  The feel of Eli's warm breath on her neck just about drove her crazy with desire, but she knew she had to move slowly or she could really screw things up.  Patience, and just a few small movements brought her in full contact with the only body she had ever yearned for, and, as if it were scripted, his arm slid over her, pulling her close.  The warmth of his form saturated hers, eliciting a soft moan from deep within her.  She expected her body to scream for him to take her, but instead, a rush of contentment washed over her, and all it wanted to do was sleep.  She felt something she'd never felt before.  Safe.  Safe in his arms.  Lucy couldn't help but giggle.  God, I must really be tired!