Sunday, July 14, 2013

Guy Writing...

I've found that I LOVE writing from the male point of view. After cutting my teeth on Eli in PHOENIX: THE RISING, Collin Jamison, the hot Manhattan executive who has found his way to the quaint Midwestern town of Boone, Iowa, is coming alive in book two of THE TIP TOP CAFE: FOUR SISTERS series, I'LL TAKE MANHATTAN. Here's a snippet from Collin's point of view. Enjoy!
Collin watched from a shadowed spot by the cart shed as Jeannie left the country club. He thought maybe she had called a cab, but when she took off walking down the street, he knew she wasn’t thinking straight. He gave her a few minutes, and as soon as he saw her stumble and kick her shoe to the side of the road, he took off.  She was bawling so hard by the time he came up behind her that she didn’t even notice.
“Need a ride, stranger?” She glanced at him, but didn’t break her wobbly stride.
“Go AWAY!!” The words strangled in her throat.
Collin rolled along silently beside her. There was no way he was abandoning her. He had the full scoop on the suit now. Ross Williams. Former classmate. Banker.  The man who held the purse strings of this woman’s life. The man who could make her or break her, and he knew it. That gave him leverage. She was a sitting duck, and from the look of it, he just broke her.
Jeannie suddenly stopped walking and moaned. “Okay.” She limped over to the Harley, hiked her dress up and climbed on behind him. He took off without a word. As soon as he hit Highway 30 and opened the throttle, Jeannie wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned into him, resting her dampened cheek on his back. He knew he’d just rescued her from something, but he didn’t know quite what.
After a few minutes, her hands slid from his waist to his chest and she clung to him.  He knew she was upset, but the feel of her body pressed up against him, her breasts warm against his back, her long, naked legs straddling his thighs, was just about more than he could take, and he felt guilty for taking any pleasure from it. Still, even guilt couldn’t make this feeling go away.
Collin slowed as he descended the hill that led to her house.  In some silly, selfish way he didn’t want the ride to end. She was totally dependent on him right now. He felt--foolishly and a bit self-righteously--like the proverbial knight in shining armor rescuing the damsel in distress, and damn, it felt good. At the same time, he was madder than hell that a man could have this effect on her, that another man could have this much control over her life.
Collin pulled to a stop beside the garage in his usual parking spot on the crushed, white, limestone. Before he could even turn off the engine, Jeannie swung her leg over the seat and dismounted without a word. The feel of her hands, her legs, her body, separating from him left him cold and empty. The last fifteen minutes he had felt more needed than any other time of his life, and now he just felt … alone.

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