Friday, February 8, 2013


I have a confession to make...I'm a signing event virgin. I've never even attended one**sigh**and here I am, on the brink of having one of my very own. In my hometown. With people who know me--some as I am now, but most, as an awkward, skinny, shy teenager who sang a lot, snuck cigarettes in the girl's bathroom, and always had her nose buried in book.

It's scary thinking about meeting the very people who have, are, or plan on reading your book. What do I say? What do I write? Will anyone even show up??

Question Time:
For my author friends: What have been your experiences with book signing events?
For my regular friends, old and new: What do you expect at a book signing? If I had one, would you even considering attending?? If so, would you want me to provide books for purchase/signing?

I'd really love to have your feedback!

Oh, BTW--Only 2.5 days until the Goodreads Giveaway of a paperback copy of PHOENIX: THE RISING!

Other news: PHOENIX: THE RISING has earned a Silver YA Bestseller Star on All Romance and continues to be the Top Seller on Evernight Teen. A HUGE "THANK YOU" to all of you for your support, whether it's from buying a copy, writing a review, or hitting that ever-helpful "LIKE" or  "SHARE" button on Amazon, Evernight Teen, Barnes and Noble, or Facebook!! You ROCK!!


  1. I've never been to one either, but I'll definitely attend!!!

    1. Thanks, Katie! Looks like I'll also be doing a reading, so it should be a good time! LOL

  2. I attended one book signing where the author had slips of paper and some pens available. The slips had space on it to spell out your name and then a message area where you write out what you want the author to pen inside the cover of the book you purchased.

    I thought it was nice. I asked her to write "good luck with your writing career, Diane!"

    :) I love that she gave us an opportunity to customize what we wanted in our books.

    1. That's a fantastic idea, Diane! I've signed for family, but even then, I was just about tearing my hair out trying to figure out what to write!