Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello? Hello? (tap-tap) Is this thing on??

Wow! Talk about taking a hiatus from apologies! And now, for the rest of the story...

New Year's Eve 2010, I finally got the news. The second agent loved my story and wanted to run my manuscript by her boss! Considering that my original query hadn't cut the mustard with the head of the agency the year prior (it really was horrendous!), I was a basketcase! Plus, it was the New Year, and I'd have to wait a few days. So, I waited. And waited.

Within a few days, school started back up. My hopes were growing dim. I had visions of the agency head taking one look at my ms and laughing his head off at the thought of ME ever becoming a published author. I even dreamt I was Ralphie from A Christmas Story, getting my Christmas Theme back from Miss Shields at Warren G. Harding Elementary School with a BIG FAT C+ on it and Miss Shields cackling at me dressed in a witch costume. I had a horrible feeling this was going to end badly. However, by this time, I had a contract in hand from the first agent. Knowing that I already had an agent offer kept me sane...somewhat.

January 6, 2011 at 11:28 a.m., just after giving my seventh graders the dreaded Muscle Quiz, an e-mail popped up. I read it quickly, and COULD NOT believe what I was reading. I was being offered representation by the second agency, with the agency head's blessing! My squeal of joy had to be explained to a group of stunned 7th graders, who quickly began applauding my good fortune, and by the next day I was signing my name on the dotted line. I was now, officially, a client of The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency!

That, my dear friends, was only the beginning. I had to gracefully inform the first agent of my decision. That was truly hard. I knew she had a passion for my story and would do everything she could to try to sell it. She was, of course, disappointed in my decision. Then, I had to get to work. Months of editing, getting my ms ready for submission, and finally constructing a list of first-round editors who would be receiving my ms had to take place.  I'm still in the midst of receiving responses from the editors and hoping we can make a list of second-round editors, if needed.

Will THE TIP TOP CAFE' ever be picked up? Maybe. Maybe not. Meanwhile, I continue to write. And worry. And dream...from my own little corner, in my own little chair. That's the best part of all!

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